Interview questions

Interview Questions: Practice to make it perfect

Please feel free to send responses to any 5 questions and we will be happy to review and provide feedback to you. Reach out to us, if you would like pointers on how best to answer them.

1.       Tell me a few things about yourself?

2.       Why are you looking for a new opportunity?

3.       How do you think you are good at this the position that you have applied for?

4.       Why do you want to join our company as compared to other companies?

5.       What is your greatest strength, and give an example of how you applied it?

6.       What is your biggest weakness, and give an example of how you realized it?

7.       Where do you see yourself from say, 3 years, 5 years or 10 years from now?

8.       Please let us know your ideal job profile, company and location?

9.       There is some gap in employment, please describe these gaps.

10.   How would you describe your recent manager, his strengths and weaknesses?

11.   Tell us about a situation when your work is criticized, and what you did about it

12.   Which are the recent books that you have read, some insights or thoughts 

13.   The person you would be reporting to is a younger newer manager, how do you feel about it

14.   How do you manage work under pressure?

15.   Looking back, what would you differently in your career?

16.   Given me an example of a challenging situation at your work and how you dealt with it

17.   Give me an example of a time when you went above and beyond to accomplish a task

18.   Who do you drive your inspiration from?

19.   Are you comfortable with firing employees, where you ever fired?

20.   How would manage a situation where your manager suggests an idea that he/she is crazy about, but you think it is a bad one?

21.   What would you say/do if a colleague of yours is not pulling their weight?

22.   What was the most difficult part of your last job, what caused it?

23.   Have you ever had a conflict with anyone at work, how did you manage it?

24.   If you won a lottery for $50 Million, would you still, work?

25.   Rate me as an interviewer, and any questions for me?



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