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While job hunting is considered a struggle given the erratic labyrinth that includes identifying, researching, applying, preparing and interviewing for whatever decent job opportunities one can get their hands on, seems impossible to find one that not only plays to your strength but also brings out the best in you. In today’s world especially the one following the pandemic, that has established a new normal for all of us, to follow one’s passion alone does not work, it has to be the right fit for your career and personal life that supports your future plans.

At Q services we use our extensive understanding of recruiting for life science companies to help our applicants find a match that is perfect for them, taking into accounts your experience, skills and career ambitions. We support and offer training at all levels including a fresh graduate interested to get the foot in the door, a manager with long stretches of understanding added to your repertoire, or an executive, we can assist you to attain the position you want. 

Our primary support for candidates is the following and can be expanded as needed:

  • Resume/CV review
  • Career Advice 
  • Salary Benchmarking
  • Job description fit review
  • Interview preparation
  • Training 
  • Market trends and insights
  • Workplace guidance
  • On Job Support
  • Telephone / Video Interview mock

We continue to stay connected with you throughout the contract lifecycle. We also assist with visa permits, lodging, and any other information that will help you settle in easily with the client. We further manage the administration of your contract in terms of payment, holidays, illness and all other relevant details. At Q services, we will support your professional development as well, with training programs/courses and expert career advice & support, as needed.


Support for Candidates

Resume/CV review

Develop the resume/CV for your next job with feedback from our experts. We will work with you to develop a resume style and present the information in a manner to deliver most impact to rightly justify your experience and skills.

Career Advice

Advance to next level, obtain a broader experience or pick up a new career, our experts can help you with insights, quizzes, and other resources to help you make the decisions around your career.

Salary/Total compensation Benchmarking

We provide insights into salary ranges for the position of interest based on market data, and work with you to determine the salary/Total Compensation that is most suited for your experience and skills.

Job description fit review

Identify the opportunity that fits best with your experience, knowledge and goal. We will work with you to review the positions available or create a primary profile that you would like to secure for your next opportunity.

Interview preparation

A key difference between obtaining a position versus almost is preparing for the task ahead. We will work with you to establish if relative to the position & employer, how your qualifications & goals, align and why you would be a good fit.

Telephone / Video Interview

We can conduct mock interview to ensure no technical challenges and practice the responses. We can also obtain recorded interviews if that is acceptable to the employer.


We support and offer training at all experience levels, including a recent graduate, first time managers, experienced directors and executives. The type of training is modified from developing skills to accomplish tasks, to process improvements and coaching to developing soft skills, and provide leadership.

Workplace guidance

Every company is different and based on situations sometimes it would be unclear on how best to navigate the chain of command. We will work with you and HR to provide you with appropriate and timely guidance on managing your work environment.

Industry trends and insights

Review a detailed report on the key trends, challenges, and opportunities that may impact your position of interest and influence your career development goal.

On Job Support

Challenges are present in every role, and sometimes it is difficult to overcome but with at Q services, we will support you with help from our experts, enabling you to learn things on the fly and deliver your project.

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