At Q services, a healthcare and life sciences recruitment consultancy

We pride ourselves to endeavor and deliver on your cue the clinical research professional(s) that meets your need.
We are 100% minority woman-owned and operated


We are driven by a customer-focused approach to meet the need of a single resource or a full team and have access to a talent pool across all experience levels and therapeutic areas including rare diseases. We support temporary/contract and permanent (direct hire) positions in the life science industry across the US.

Our Services

We believe in providing you with quality candidates that are a fit to your organization. To achieve this, we work closely with our clients to detail the need for the position, the company culture, and their persona of the candidate that would be a good fit.

Team buildouts

Projects require the skills of many experts and team set up should be customized to the company culture and demands which is unique for each company. We work with you to map out the strategy and establish lead & support roles, the type of skill & personality mix needed, to ensure that the team is made of quality candidates.

Staffing Campaign

We work with you to identify and target the specific audience, develop the main message, and apply the different channels to recruit the right talent. We succeed together and will strive to obtain top-notch candidates for all your openings.

Support for Candidates

Career Advice

Advance to next level, obtain a broader experience or pick up a new career, our experts can help you with insights, quizzes, and other resources to help you make the decisions around your career.

Interview preparation

A key difference between obtaining a position versus almost is preparing for the task ahead. We will work with you to establish if relative to the position & employer, how your qualifications & goals, align and why you would be a good fit.


We support and offer training at all experience levels, including a recent graduate, first time managers, experienced directors and executives. The type of training is modified from developing skills to accomplish tasks,

Job description fit review

Identify the opportunity that fits best with your experience, knowledge and goal. We will work with you to review the positions available or create a primary profile that you would like to secure for your next opportunity.

Why Choose Us

Tap into our combined experience of over 20 years that enables us to provide you with quality candidates that are a fit to your organization, while supporting your recruitment strategy with our added value services.

20+ Years Experiences

Engaging and nurturing talent for our organizations enabling us the knowledge of what works, and what doesn’t.

Quality candidates

With scoring that suggest fit to your company’s core values along with the right qualifications, swift, adaptable and eager learners or established leaders.

Personalized Value Services

From obtaining industry insights to team build outs, running a staffing campaign to benchmarking compensations, conducting interviews to delivering the right candidate, we customize our approach based on your need.

We Always Listen To Our Clients & Provide Solutions

While we have defined procedures, we are nimble in our approach and can pivot to meet your needs. Reach out to us with areas where we can support you, and we can work with you to find a path forward.